About Me

Career Goals

I grew up wanting to be an architect.

When I was young, I would draw detailed floor plans of fabulous multi-story bases for my G.I. Joe soldiers and their equipment (of course Clutch would want ground-level lodgings so he could park his VAMP Mark II in his apartment!). In high school, I took drafting, got an A, and then I took it again a year later for no credit, because I didn’t want to take Small Engine Repair, a decision my lawnmower regrets to this day. In college, I spent three more years studying design, engineering, and architecture history before I realized something pretty important: I didn’t want to be an architect.

By then I had a new love: Computers. I spent another four years studying computer science and business technology, and graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems. But my love of design never lagged far behind.

After completing a website redesign for the company that had hired me as the IT Director, a former colleague asked if I would be interested in helping his organization update their site. Another website soon followed, and then some email marketing, a catalog, a calendar; and before long I was spending as much designing as I was administering networks and troubleshooting servers.

Now, almost 12 years later, I still love exploring the intersection of design and technology, and I would love to help you with creative projects of any kind – corporate branding, websites, brochures, magazine ads, sales flyers, and more.

And if Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, or any other G.I. Joe personnel are reading this, give me a call. I have a couple of floor plans that I think you’re gonna want to see.

Design Focus

Should the Dallas Cowboys or Nike ring my phone and want me to head up their new Central Iowa marketing department, I would of course jump at the chance. But my main focus has always been on clients with somewhat smaller audiences.

I love the idea that good marketing and professional design aren’t solely meant for big companies. Today, even the coziest small town shop can leverage the Internet’s ability to reach a national (if not global) audience. Pairing that with elegant, yet affordable design and clear, concise writing to create an effective corporate image is what makes my day.