A New ‘Do for This Hairdresser

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One of the first projects I worked on for a client outside of my immediate circle of friends, family, and business acquaintances was an email campaign for Scott System, a Colorado-based manufacturer of concrete form liners and brick inlay systems.

The marketing director there had received a mailing that I had sent on behalf of another organization. Looking for a better way to send out her company’s quarterly newsletter, she thought I might be able to help, but when she tried to find any contact information for me, she couldn’t.

I didn’t have a website. Sad, I know.

I did have a domain, and I also had an account with a web host, but there wasn’t anything there. Nada. Worse, every email campaign that I sent out contained a link at the bottom that led directly to this vacant Internet lot, full of weeds and shady pixels loitering in the margins.

Grateful for for great clients

Fortunately for me, she didn’t give up and was eventually able to get my phone number from the organization I had helped with the original email campaign that had piqued her interest.

When I answered her call, she told me how she had tracked me down and expressed a measure of surprise that I didn’t have a website of my own. And then, in a moment that I have remembered ever since, she said, “Oh well, it’s always the hairdressers who have the worst hair.”

I’ve heard that idiom used a number of times since then – another version goes, “It’s the cobbler’s children who go barefoot” – and it always reminds me of that first conversation with her.

Hold on, it gets worse

We worked together on newsletter mailings for her company for the next year or two, and then she moved on to a new career opportunity. I worked on a few more campaigns for the company, and then they stopped putting them together.

Fast forward to earlier this spring. The former marketing director is once again putting together the newsletters, this time as a consultant. And once again, as she tries to look me up  she hits a roadblock, because…


That’s right. I have been a professional freelance designer and (worse!) web developer for over 11 years, and I still didn’t have a website of my own. Until now.

So Dana, I am sure you will be glad to know that I finally carved out a little time to work on my own hairdo. There are still a few curlers to be removed, but things are headed in the right direction.

Thanks for not giving up on trying to find me.

Both times.