Bad Game, Good Photography

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I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since before I can remember. I’m not sure how this came to be other than when you grow up in rural Western Iowa, your local (and even regional) NFL rooting interests are limited to the Chiefs (a 4 hour drive), the Vikings (5 hours), or the Bears (7 hours).

Those three are also the ones that got shown to local television audiences (in the days before DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket). One other team that got a lot of airtime: America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

For whatever reason, I gravitated to the ‘Boys, watched them go from Superbowl contenders in the early ’80s to afterthoughts later that decade, to back-to-back champs in the early ’90s plus another in 1995, and into relative mediocrity for the past 20 years.

Back to the present, this year’s team is wracked with injuries and the season seems likely lost. A 30-6 loss to the Patriots yesterday was painfully tough to watch, but these images from Getty Images photographer Christian Peterson are spectacular.

Take a look at all of the images from the game at Getty Images.

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